Friday, July 8, 2011

Swings and Aquariums

As I mentioned in the last post, this has been a much-needed week off for the interns. I’ve really loved the opportunity to just spend time in this community hanging out with the friends that we’ve made here. I’ll just share two quick stories to illustrate my point.

I’ve continued to teach ESL this week, and the three ladies that come has grown to four, along with a couple more Somali women who speak pretty good English and can help translate. And they bring their young children as well. So basically, ESL has gotten wilder, louder, and a lot funnier as the women relax and begin to hold conversations in English. I’ve really enjoyed their exuberance this week; they always seem to be able to reenergize me.

Today, we got to take two of the older Eritrean girls to the Atlanta Aquarium. It was definitely a treat to see their faces when we first entered! They weren’t quite sure whether to be scared or just amazed at all the fish and the tanks of water. We saw all sorts of exotic fish, Beluga whales, otters, starfish, gigantic manta rays, and even whale sharks. They got to pet a lot of the animals as well in the pools of open water. It was so awesome just to see these two girls trying to take it all in at once, as each tank held something more amazing to them than the last. Thank you God for the blessing of these friendships!

Some things to pray for...
- that the Eritrean girls here would really understand what it is to follow and know
Jesus. They are cultural Christians, but they need to know God on a more
personal level
- that God would provide someone to come after me to teach my ESL family
English. I would love to be able to provide them with a teacher after I leave

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