Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Pics

There's a new post from yesterday under this entry, but I just wanted to post some pics for those who can't see the entire album on Facebook!

With two girls at the Atlanta Aquarium, in the Underwater Tunnel looking up at all the sharks!

Starfish and sea urchins in the touch pool at the Aquarium

All the Eritrean kids that hang out with us!


Playing tag at Summer Camp

We play lots and lots of tag....

Listening to instructions at Summer Camp

Friends from the complex

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  1. Cool stuff going on! I'm glad that I know someone from Eritrea now because I would have had no idea where that was before. :)

    This Eritrean family at our church love to make us coffee...have you had it yet? They start with green beans and roast it over a little fire...grind it before our eyes...and then brew it in this clay pot. Potent but good stuff.