Thursday, May 26, 2011

Packing... not really yet

Well, tomorrow I'm leaving for Clarkston, GA for my summer internship with Global Frontiers Mission. I haven't begun to pack yet, and I probably won't until late tonight. My Taylor friend, Hannah Weber, and I are taking a Greyhound bus from Chicago to Atlanta. It will be a 17 hour ride... which should be interesting. Hopefully we'll be able to sleep for most of it. Hannah did an internship with Global Frontiers Mission (GFM) last summer, and she's the one who told be about the opportunity this summer. We're old friends who travelled to Ireland together, and I'm excited to spend the summer ministering with her!

Just to give you the basics on my internship, GFM is mission located in Clarkston, GA (just outside of Atlanta). TIME Magazine once called Clarkston the most diverse square mile in the US! There are immigrants and refugees from all over the world, including countries like Burma, Sudan, Iraq, Nepal, and many more! This is especially exciting because instead of sending missionaries out into the world to evangelize, the nations are now coming to us in Clarkston, GA. We'll be working with all sorts of people, including Muslims, Buddhists and Animists. This is a wonderful opportunity to minister the love of God to some of the most vulnerable people in our country today. Many of them have left their homes and families behind, fleeing persecution, war, violence, and other problems. I'm very excited to be able to build relationships with the people I meet there as well as with the other GFM interns.

I'll probably find out more about day to day responsibilities in Clarkston when we get down there for our training. Right now, I know that I will be doing a lot of relational ministry with out neighbors (we'll be living in the same apartment complexes as they do) and hosting short-term missions teams that come into Clarkston from outside churches. Overall, I would appreciate prayer for a safe bus-ride down, that the team of interns would bond well through training, and that I would be able to build relationships quickly with my neighbors and my team. I'll try and keep this updated throughout the summer. Thanks so much for your support!

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  1. Jess...I saw your link on facebook and wanted to see about your summer internship. This sounds really exciting! I'm so glad to hear about your love for unreached people, culture and most important... the expansion of the gospel. We will think of and pray for you this summer and hopefully check this out to see how those relationships are coming along. God Bless, Lisa Welkner